Group Exhibitions

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 2018
Shanghai New Wave of Avent-garde (1985-1992) 2018

LA Art Show 2010

Long Island Museum Contemporary Group, NYC 1996

International Artists SPANDM, Paris 1992

China Oil Painting Travel Show, Beijing & Shanghai 1987

Beijing University, New Image Group 1986

Shanghai Art Museum, New Image Group 1985

Shanghai DaShiJie Show, Young Artists Show 1984


Published Work

Shanghai Artists from 1979-2000  2014

New York Times, John Long Show at Long Island Gallery 1995

China Anthology of History, “the ’85 Movement” 1993

Taiwan Artists Magazine 1992

John Zhang Long is a well known Chinese born American artist. He is now based in Los Angeles, USA.

Since the 1990s, professional artists have emerged in China. Their artworks has been internationally recognised and praised, due to their advancement in the contemporary art world, especially their continuous innovation in the field of Neo-Abstract Art.

Zhang Long is the leading figure among the Chinese artists. The form of his art is varied, including oil paintings, ink paintings, sculptures, contemporary bronze wares and so forth.

Since 1993, his settlement in New York, the artist has enjoyed a prolific period of art production. His artworks has been exhibited in many museums and galleries in Asia, Europe and America. His KuangMo series has been collected by the Art Institute of Chicago. His oil and ink paintings have also been collected by many institutions, museums and private collections alike in China and in the rest of the world.

著名な米国籍中国人芸術家。アメリカロサンゼルス在住。1990年代、中国にはたくさんの自由画家が現れた。彼達は新抽像主義の精神を持ち続けながら現代の絵画界に入り、それらの作品は国内外の芸術の世界で注目された。張隆はその中の最も代表的な芸術家の一人である。彼の創作は油絵、水墨画,彫刻、現代青銅器など、その領域は非常に広い。1993年、ニューヨークに移住してからの彼の芸術創作は絶頂期に入った。彼はアメリカを始めヨーロッパ、アジアなどの美術館、博物館で個展を開催しただけでなく、作品「 狂の墨」シリーズはアメリカのシカゴ芸術博物館に収蔵され、その他の油絵、水墨画等の作品も各国の美術館などに収蔵された。

張隆  John Zhang Long著名的当代美籍华裔艺术家。现旅居洛杉矶。1990年中国开始出现了职业画家,他们以不断探索的新抽象主义精神闯入了当代艺术领域,其作品引起了国际艺术界的注意。张隆是其中最具代表性的艺术家之一。他的作品有油画、水墨画、雕塑,当代青铜器等。自从1993年定居美国纽约后,他的艺术创作迎来丰收,其创作的作品在美国、欧洲及亚洲的各美术馆、博物馆和画廊举行个展,其中《狂墨》系列被美国芝加哥艺术博物馆收藏,油画、水墨等作品也被国内外多家美术馆,画廊以及收藏家收藏。

Solo Shows

The Art Institute of Chicago 2018

The Art Institute of Chicago.2016

The Research House for Asian Art, Chicago IL  2016

Shanghai No. 1 Art Museum, Angel’s Rain 2015

Shanghai No. 1 Art Museum, A Retrospective of John Long 2014

Pangen Gallery, LA 1998

Broadway 456 Gallery, NYC, John Long Works 1997

University of Pennsylvania Museum, Apple Expression 1996

Shanghai American Center 1993

Shanghai Art Museum, Work of John Long 1992

Pacific Gallery, LA 1991

China Art Gallery, Nagoya, Japan 1990